Spring-applied Brakes

Coremo “N” hydraulic power packs for both caliper and direct hydraulic brakes include an accumulator of a size appropriate to the number and type of brakes, to guarantee the reliability of the braking system and thus of the industrial plant itself.

This family consists of four models, subdivided by size into the MINI (AN and BN) and TOWER (CN and DN) categories. For example, the smallest version, the AN, with flow rate of 0.882 [l/min], has a 0.37 [kW] motor, a tank of 2.5 [l] and an accumulator of 0.3 [l], while the largest, the DN, with flow rate of 17.1 [l/min], has a 7.5 [kW] motor, a tank of 30 [l] and an accumulator of 1.5 litre.

A customised version is also available for separate operation of two hydraulic brakes of the same type (both oil-applied or spring-applied) or of different types (one oil-applied and one spring-applied).