Hydraulic caliper brakes


COREMO oil-applied caliper brakes use the lever principle to generate the clamping force, which is applied to the brake disc in proportion to the oil pressure.

The certified, tested and inspected SG iron levers are designed to withstand the stresses during dynamic braking, while the steel thruster is calculated to support pressures of over 100 [bar]. The lining pads are produced using materials compliant with the relevant European standards on safety and toxic substances. Oil-applied caliper brakes can be supplied complete with wear indicator and electromechanical ON/OFF position indicator. Operating temperature vary from -20 [°C] to +200 [°C] and must be assessed in relation to the type of application.


In COREMO spring-applied hydraulic caliper brakes, the forces are produced by the action of the springs installed inside the thruster. The levers are in SG iron and are certified, tested and inspected to withstand the stresses generated during dynamic braking. The thruster is in steel to withstand pressures over 100 [bar], while the friction material of the lining pads complies with the provisions of the relevant European standards on safety and toxic substances. On request, spring-applied hydraulic caliper brakes can be fitted with a wear indicator and an electromechanical ON/OFF opening and closure indicator. Operating temperature cover a range from -20 [°C] to +200 [°C] depending on the type of application.