Coremo Ocmea

Coremo Ocmea draws on its long tradition in the manufacture of brakes and clutches for industrial, marine, oil & gas, energy and entertainment sector applications to look firmly to the future, to the realisation of services with a high degree of customisation: structured projects including products, technical support, maintenance and consulting.

Coremo's strong points have always lain in its precise, tailor-made design, constant product innovation and quality of components. This has brought the firm from Assago - where it was founded in 1960 – to worldwide expansion: in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, where it exports 50% of output.
This internationalisation became even more tangible with the opening of a sales subsidiary in Paris, to cover the French market, which has increased its turnover by 100% in just a few years.

Coremo's nerve centre continues to be within the 5000 square metres of its headquarters at Assago in Milan, where all products are assembled and tested, the key machining processes are carried out and the necessary certification procedures take place, in accordance with the ISO 9001 Quality System updated to Vision 2000 in 2002.

Its full coverage of the industrial applications for brake and clutch units has led to the company's selection for prestigious installations such as those on board the Queen Mary II, the word's third largest cruise ship, and at Milan's La Scala Theatre, one of the most important on the entire concert and opera circuit.

Special anti-corrosion treatments, epoxy paints and the use of carbon steels that provide high strength even in the coldest temperatures have also opened the market to the most extreme applications, especially in the oil & gas (both on-shore and off-shore), shipping and energy sectors.

The Group's strategy has always been based on the generation of customer loyalty, pursued through product reliability and rugged construction, ease of use and maintenance of brake and clutch units, not to mention durability, competitive pricing and prompt delivery. Partly to maintain this distinguishing characteristic, the Technical Department uses sophisticated calculation methods with FEM analyses to advise and support every customer in selection of the optimal product.