Hydraulic and pneumatic brakes offer many advantages for the show-business and entertainment industry.
The common denominator is the need to guarantee high safety standards, since these installations carry passengers and are in particularly crowded contexts.
Examples include theme parks, monorails, simulators, or just the movement of stages and scenery during theatrical performances.

Coremo Ocmea’s many years of experience in this market and its focus on the use of top quality materials have led to the installation of its brakes in world-famous theatres like La Scala in Milan and stadia and theme parks across the globe.

In theatres, brakes are installed on winches and hoists used for the operation or maintenance of stages, scenery and sets.

The Coremo Ocmea technical support service will select the braking system on the basis of the technical specifications provided by the customer, using high grade friction materials and other components to guarantee unbeatable safety in all working situations.