Rubber & Tyre

The rubber and vehicle tyre manufacturing industry offers a variety of applications for small and medium-sized pneumatic caliper brakes, both air-actuated and failsafe.
Coremo Ocmea offers a wide range of these, used by the world’s biggest producers.

In these industries, brakes are installed on roll mills, pay-offs and spindles in the phase prior to creation of the tyre tread, and along plant drivelines for emergency and cyclic stops and for holding moving parts. Here the weights to be controlled may vary from a few to several hundred kilos, as in the case of the production of industrial vehicle tyres, where medium-sized hydraulic brakes have to be installed to control take-up spindles.

The industrial environment in which the brake is installed does not require coating, technical features or additional materials over and above those used on standard Coremo brakes.

The main factor to be decided when selecting the brake is the type of friction material to be used; Coremo Ocmea offers a carefully chosen range able to meet all plant requirements. For example, rubber tensioning applications require linings capable of operating at high temperatures and for long period of time and maintaining their technical characteristics unchanged in the event of continuous tensioning duty.

For emergency stopping applications, the friction materials must be able to ensure braking in very short times, even of just a few seconds. Last but not least, holding brakes are fitted with linings with high friction coefficient but low heat resistance properties, since there is no heat when the machinery is at a standstill.