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Other markets

In decades of manufacturing, research and constant cooperation with a large customer base, Coremo Ocmea has developed specific know-how and braking systems for a wide range of markets and applications; constant study, testing and design work that have led to a vast assortment of brakes and know-how of excellence. The industries of application may vary widely and projects may involve very different characteristics and levels of complexity.

Coremo brakes have been successfully installed in telescopes, welding lines, leather machinery, spin-driers, wood planers, sugar centrifuges, wood shredders, test rigs, snowploughs, road paving maintenance machinery, presses and sewer trucks, not to mention many other contexts.

Since Coremo brakes are used in such a variety of markets, special attention must also be paid to working environments. Dusty, extremely damp or saline environments, locations with low temperatures (-40°C) or chemicals, and outdoor, underground or explosive environments, all require specific analysis of the surface treatments, linings and materials used, and all the factors affecting correct brake sizing.

Coremo Ocmea is able to develop tailored solutions together with the customer, making available all the know-how gained in decades in business.