Other markets

Through decades of manufacturing, research and constant collaboration with numerous customers, Coremo Ocmea has developed specific knowledge and brake systems for multiple markets and applications; constant in-depth work, testing and design activities that have resulted in a wide range of brakes and qualified know-how.
Target sectors can be the most diverse and projects vary in complexity and particularity.

Coremo brakes have been successfully installed in telescopes, welding lines, leather machines, laundry centrifuges, wood planers, sugar centrifuges, wood shredders, test stands, snowplows, road surface maintenance machines, presses, purge trucks and more.

The use of Coremo brakes in various markets also requires special attention to working environments. Dusty, extremely humid, saline environments, characterized by extreme temperatures (-40°C) or the presence of chemical agents, outdoors, underground or explosive environments require specific analysis on surface treatments, ferodes, materials used and everything related to the correct brake sizing calculation.

The Coremo Ocmea aims to study, together with the client, specific solutions by making available the knowledge acquired over decades of activity.