Wire & cable

Over decades of operation, Coremo has become a benchmark brand for all manufacturers and operators in this market.


  • Pneumatic clamp brakes, positive and negative, specially designed for applications such as decoilers, wire drawing machines, wire processing lines, braiders, tubular machines, planetary machines, stringing machines and more.
  • Specific knowledge of friction materials that varies from machine to machine depending on the type of braking: continuous slip (wire tensioning), emergency braking (brakes applied to the power transmission system), parking, or cyclic braking.
  • Standard anti-corrosion protections appropriate for brake use in environments that are not particularly aggressive.
  • A vast range of drive couplings and cast iron hat or steel flat discs.
  • Robustness, efficiency and ease of maintenance of pneumatic caliper brakes Coremo to reduce particularly costly costs due to downtime and production waste.
  • Technical consulting service to identify, in collaboration with the customer, possible customized solutions.