The common denominator in this is sector is to ensure high safety standards, as these applications are constrained by the presence of passengers within them and located in particularly crowded settings.

Brakes are installed in closed environments such as theaters or simulators or on attractions placed in open environments and located, often, on waterfront.

The many years of experience and expertise gained by Coremo Ocmea in this field has resulted in its brakes being installed in various applications, including the winches that move the prestigious La Scala theater in Milan.

TheOFFER COREMO includes:

  • Pneumatic caliper brakes, positive or negative.
  • Hydraulic brakes, positive or negative.
  • Selected range of hydraulic power packs for brake supply and control.
  • A vast range of drive couplings and cast iron hat or steel flat discs.
  • Protections, such as special corrosion-resistant coatings or treatments.
  • Technical support to make variations to their brakes or develop, in close cooperation with customers, customized solutions.