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Winches & Cranes

Winches and winches are generally used in cranes for handling inertial loads, but there are also many applications in which the winch is intended for the promiscuous handling (things and people), to the management of mechanical booms and buckets (diggers, draglines), to the maintenance of stage sets and stages (theaters and stadiums), to themooring of ships or to support stages in the drilling processes (drawworks for oil & gas / on-shore & off-shore).

The COREMO OFFERING comprises:

  • Pneumatic caliper brakes, positive and negative.
  • Manual caliper brakes.
  • Oil and spring-applied hydraulic brakes with tangential force up to 300,000 N.
  • Selected range of hydraulic power packs for brake supply and control.
  • A vast range of drive couplings and cast iron hat or steel flat discs.
  • Certified non-sparking friction materials suitable for ATEX-classified environments.
  • Anti-corrosion surface treatments such as coatings, treatments and the use of special materials.
  • Use of special steels resistant to temperatures as low as - 40 °C.
  • Technical support for customers who require assistance during the development of individual designs, in order to meet specific requirements and comply with international standards.

Coremo has entered into a commercial agreement enabling it to sell electrohydraulically operated drum and disc brakes to complete a high-quality, high-tech offering.