The Converting market embraces all those applications that make the unwinding of a material the main step for its subsequent processing stages. The main materials involved are paper, paperboard, plastic films, and nonwoven fabrics.

The brake is mainly used for material tensioning operations and emergency stop of the machine.

In the first case - tensioning - the is brake installed on the unwinding axis of the coil, while in the second - emergency braking - brakes are placed along the power transmission axis, before or after the gearbox, at the winding, unwinding or pulling positions.

For this market Coremo also offers pneumatic clutches par motion transmission.

TheOFFER COREMO includes:

  • Pneumatic caliper brakes, both positive and negative.
  • Modular brakes with forced air cooling.
  • Self-ventilated brakes with double discs.
  • Pneumatic disc clutches.
  • Wide range of cast iron or steel drive couplings and discs.
  • Different types of friction materials suitable for different applications and types of braking.
  • Technical support service aimed at identifying the suitable brake in terms of both torque and power.

Coremo Ocmea has been in this industry for a long time, counting thousands of applications in flexographic, gravure, reel-to-reel, laminating, coating, embossing, label, corrugating and calendering machines.