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Cookies are small text files sent and stored on your computer by websites you visit. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive and help the website remember some useful information for your browsing. This is to make subsequent visits easier and faster.

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Types of cookies

Essential "technical" cookies

They are essential for the proper functioning of the site pages. Without these cookies some functionality may be impaired and access to content may be limited. Cookies of this type do not collect any personal information about the user.

Functionality "technical" cookies

These are cookies used to store choices made by the user to improve navigation (e.g. language, or pre-filling a form with the name previously used). This type of cookie may include personal information (e.g. user name). Without these cookies some functionality and navigation between pages may be impaired.

Analytical cookies

These are cookies used to understand how visitors use the Web site: whether they are new or returning users, how they move between pages, how long they stay on pages and on the site, what geographic area they come from. The data does not identify the user as a person but is aggregated anonymously by analytics tools. Deactivation does not in any way affect the functionality offered by the site.

Social widget cookies

Some widgets, made available by social networks (e.g. Facebook ,Twitter, YouTube, Google Maps, etc.), may use their own cookies (third-party cookies). Disabling them does not affect the use of the site, except in the sections where widgets are installed (e.g. for video or map integration), where quick sharing of content is allowed or where it is possible to comment on the of the site content.

Profiling cookies

Profiling cookies are installed to show site visitors content related to their preferences. They can then be used to show advertising content targeted to the person's interests. Cookies of this type work in conjunction with third-party sites and may track past browsing on pages on different domains. Cookies of this type usually track the user's IP address in addition to other personal information.
This site does NOT make use of cookies of this type

Duration of cookies

Session cookies

These are temporary files that are stored until the site is abandoned or the browsing browser is closed.

Persistent cookies

These are files that are stored and maintained even after leaving the site and closing the browser. They are deleted only after the expiration date specified in the cookie itself.

Cookie domain

"Proprietary" cookies

These are files that are installed on the user's device directly from the site you are browsing on.

"Third-party" cookies

These are files that are installed by external sites, through code embedded in the pages of the site you are browsing. Examples of third-party cookies are those installed by social plugins (for content sharing) or visit analysis cookies.

How to disable cookies

Users can decide whether or not to accept cookies using their browser settings.
Please note that disabling "third-party" cookies does not affect navigability in any way.
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Cookies used on this website

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Third-party cookies

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Google Analytics

This site also includes certain components transmitted by Google Analytics, a web traffic analysis service provided by Google, Inc. ("Google"). In this case, these are third-party cookies collected and managed anonymously to monitor and improve the performance of the host site (performance cookies).

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Users can selectively disable the action of Google Analytics by installing the opt-out component provided by Google on their browsers.

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Cookie settings

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Essential "technical" cookies


Statistics cookies

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