Rubber & Tyre

In these industries, COREMO brakes are applied in calenders, unwinders, winding spindles and along plant kinematics to handle emergencies, stops and stationary moving parts.

The forces to be handled can range from a few to several thousand Newtons, such as in the production of tires for industrial vehicles, where it may be necessary to install mid-range hydraulic brakes to handle winding spindles.

The OFFER COREMO includes:

  • Pneumatic caliper brakes, positive or negative.
  • Manually operated brakes.
  • Hydraulic brakes, positive or negative.
  • Hydraulic power packs for brake application.
  • A vast range of drive couplings and cast iron hat or steel flat discs.
  • Standard anti-corrosion protections appropriate for brake use in closed and not particularly aggressive environments.
  • Different types of friction materials specifically selected during brake sizing and selection depending on the target application and type of braking.
  • Technical consulting service to identify, in collaboration with the customer, possible customized solutions.