Quality and safety

1 - Friction Lining

Selection of friction material to optimize the braking system performance.

2 - Body

Steel body. Toughness, compact design and low temperature resistance.

3 - Safety hook

Ensures high safety conditions during installation and maintenance

4 - Seals

Material and design selected to achieve maximum performance and life span.

5 - Guide pin

For safety and perfect lining alignment.

6 - Magnet

Magnetic system, easy, fast and safe. It drastically reduces the lining replacement time, increasing productivity.

7 - Wear Compensator

Wear compensation system to guarantee high performance and safety conditions.

8 - Piston

Solid treated steel. Designed to reduce the size of the spring pack.

9 - Spring pack

Modular and flexible. Certified cup springs, treated to ensure maximum duration and reliability.

10 - Cover

Steel made. Designed to ensure the highest protection for the spring pack.


Coremo's support to its customers is increasingly becoming a highly specialised integrated service, offering not only guidance on selection of the braking system but also consulting, maintenance, analysis and reporting.

The starting point, meaning the product, is conceived and designed to guarantee reliability and certification with regard to both materials and operation, but Coremo's aim is not merely to supply a product compliant with safety standards and each customer's specific needs, but rather to deliver a complete service, starting from the information the customer provides, to obtain a detailed picture of requirements, and supply the braking system best suited to individual needs.

First and foremost, its engineers have developed spreadsheets with answers to constructors' and customers' queries about the brake, its response times and the heat generated. The spreadsheets and the resulting report are included with the reports sent to the customer.

The Technical Department's professional skills are supported by constant training and refresher courses for its engineers, who have the know-how needed to manage every type of order and support the customer with consulting during both design and maintenance of the product.

The calculation and simulation software programs are also constantly updated and growing in sophistication, able to deliver data on heat generation, cooling and mechanical strength for many different types of application. Thanks to optimised fluid flow simulation analysis with the aid of SolidWorks Flow Simulation, fluid dynamic analyses are produced to highlight heating of the coolant in water-cooled brakes.


As well as manuals, which include information about screw driving torques, lining pad adjustment and the safety systems to be applied during planned and unplanned maintenance, Coremo Ocmea produces 2D/3D CAD drawings to obtain an immediate, intuitive picture of the product’s dimensions and shape, and its application.

The Coremo Ocmea service is completed by reporting which includes calculations, FEM analyses and technical reports (all in English) supplied to the customer to complete the technical documentation of the machine on which the brakes are to be installed. This enables customers to make comments on the design variables and allows the Technical Department to adjust the design to provide the most suitable solution.

Supplier selection

The choice of suppliers for every component complies with strict design specifications, and prior to selection they undergo audits of their certification with regard to machining allowance precision, surface finishes, and the mechanical strength and thermal resistance of the materials used.

Lots are constantly controlled by means of random inspections, for guaranteed quality control. What’s more, independent research centres perform regular checks on mechanical and thermal characteristics to verify compliance with suppliers’ declared values.

In general, all Coremo hydraulic and pneumatic brakes are continually monitored from the raw material right through to machining and assembly. Testing and inspection provide the customer with full guarantees of trouble-free service in the specified application and environmental conditions.