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The marine sector brings together so-called offshore applications, i.e., offshore, away from land. This is a multifaceted market that ranges from vessels for transporting people (cruise ships, yachts and megayachts) or goods, to fishing or related activities (fishing boats, tugs), from vessels for exploration or drilling to those for laying material on the seabed (pipe-laying vessels, offshore drilling rigs, cable-laying vessels, etc.). The environment in which such applications operate is characterized by unfavorable atmospheric conditions-rain, humidity, presence of salt, heat, ice-that accelerate the oxidation process of metals causing brake failure.

The PROPOSAL COREMO consists of:

  • Hydraulic brakes, positive and negative, up to 300,000[N] of Braking force to cope with the considerable loads and high forces normally required.
  • Pneumatic caliper brakes, positive and negative.
  • Selected range of hydraulic power packs for brake supply and control.
  • Hat discs (made of ductile iron or gray cast iron) or flat discs (made of steel) and a wide range of drive couplings.
  • Surface treatments against corrosion, such as painting, treatments, and the use of special materials.
  • Use of special steels resistant to temperatures as low as - 40 °C.
  • Technical support to clients who often require special assistance during the development of individual projects in order to achieve specific solutions.