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Hydraulic power packs

Coremo hydraulic power packs are designed to complete the braking system of all industrial applications where a hydraulic brake is used. To operate all types of hydraulic brake - oil-applied, spring-applied, caliper and direct - two different families have been designed: “P” for Oil-applied brakes and “N” for Spring-Applied.

For positive and negative brakes.

The Coremo Ocmea technical department will select the power pack on the basis of the number and type of brakes in accordance with the customer’s specific needs, and provide guidance on the oil flow rate and volume.

Each power pack is equipped with:

  • A dual safety valve.
  • A tank oil temperature control system.
  • A hand-operated system for use in the event of an electrical blackout.
  • A potentially explosive environment certification can also be issued on request.

This guarantees the provision of a safe, reliable braking system with the compact size and rapid response times required.

Hydraulic Power Packs

Serie 3 – 4

Serie 2

For positive brakes

For negative brakes

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